FIFA Street 2 Rule The Street Underground
Part 3
Description The ultimate battle for street supremacy. Win this tournament to rule the street!
1st Match Round 1
1st Prize 1000 SB
2nd Match Round 2
2nd Prize 2000 SB
3rd Match Round 3
3rd Prize 3000 SB
4th Match Round 4
4th Prize 4000 SB
5th Match Round 5
5th Prize 5000 SB
6th Match Round 6
6th Prize 6000 SB
7th Match Round 7
7th Prize 7000 SB
Bonus prize 150,000 SB

Rule The Street
Kick Abouts - Team Captain - Underground - International
Kick Abouts: Kick and Run - Beat Battle - Two Up - Panna Magic - Keep It Up - Breaker, Breaker - El Classico - Keeper Rules - Street Elite - Kings of The Street

Team Captain: Back to Basics - Panna Power - Kings of The Keep Up - Good Kickin' - NYC Crunca - Cameroon's Pryde - Five Up - Knock Out - Street Battle - EA Big Battle - Panna Kings - Samba Classic - Cinco De Goal - Super Classico - Forza Roma - Dutch Classic - Kick About Classic - Westway Battle - Berlin Blast - Barra Beach Classic - Marseille Magic - World Tour
Underground - International

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